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The Crypto Space Agency opens up space travel to NFT holders


The Crypto Space Agency (CSA) has ambitious plans to bring together space exploration and Web3 technology to accelerate humanity’s off-world future.

While that sounds like the stuff of science fiction, CSA has released details of how it will get there, and believe it or not, it starts with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The project released its Gen-1 NFT Membership drop on Monday, April 25, with token holders getting the rare opportunity to become “Cryptonaunts” on up-and-coming space missions.

As CSA’s space launch provider, Blue Origin confirmed a seat on an upcoming New Shepard mission in a tweet sent Monday.

Just as blockchain is democratizing finance, CSA is taking the technology one step further in what they call the new “Crypto Space Age.”

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The Crypto Space Agency plans to shake up the space industry

CryptoSlate reached out to CSA founder Sam Hutchison to discuss the project’s vision and what they mean by delivering “greater political and economic freedom for all.”

Sam said the CSA team consists of aeronautic engineering specialists interested in exploring how Web3 and space aeronautics can combine to produce more than the sum of their parts.

He mentioned that both the space and crypto industries share commonalities, especially in pushing innovation for the betterment of all. CSA intends to lay the groundwork for independent space activity by combining the two.

Space agencies serve only their respective national interests. But Sam said CSA intends to shake things up by switching the focus to egalitarian space projects that benefit the global community.

“We’re looking to identify deep synergies between existing and emerging space technologies and the power of the blockchain. Our focus is on space projects with near and long-term benefits to Web3, whether in communications technologies, human space exploration, offworld resources and much more.”

Short-term, the project will examine novel approaches in searching for extraterrestrial life, asteroid defense, and developing market demand for human spaceflight. The project seeks to investigate how to utilize Web3 tech to exploit off-world resources in the long term.

Gen-1 NFT Membership

Being part of this journey with the CSA starts with NFT membership. The NFT drop went live on Monday, April 25, with 5,555 NFTs available for 0.25 ETH (approximately $720 at today’s price) each. Token holders receive priority access to future NFT drops and merchandise, including artwork drops.

This week three NFT holders will be randomly selected for Blue Origin vetting, including training and fit to fly assessment and one will be selected for the space flight. CSA plans to offer more space flights to token holders in the near future.

The NFTs can be purchased via payment provider Moonpay, with the option of paying in fiat or crypto through MetaMask.

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