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Anonymous seems to have set sights on BAYC for alleged connections to Nazi imagery


Anonymous, the global renown hacker group, appears to have aimed its sights at Yuga Labs following a Facebook post from a verified Anonymous account.

The post references Nxg4n, Jeremy Cahen, and Ryder Ripps, who have all been extremely vocal recently advancing claims that Bored Ape Yacht Club has Nazi origins.

The account that is called out directly is nxg4n, which exclusively tweets about Yuga Labs and BAYC, continuing the thread that has led to Ryder Ripps being sued by Yuga Labs. The claims revolved around the theory that the imagery and language of Yuga Labs can be linked to Nazi content. The biggest indicator of the Nazi ties is the similarity of the BAYC logo to Nazi symbology, as shown below.

Yuga Labs is suing Ryder Ripps for,


Since the lawsuit was filed, Ryder Ripps has continued his campaign against Yuga Labs, tweeting Monday that “they are suing me over something they refuse to even show.”

In a post on Sunday, nxg4n stated that they will be taking “a slightly different approach” to that of Ryder Ripps in allegedly exposing Yuga Labs for its apparent ties to Nazism.

Nxg4n is an ENS collector according to the OpenSea account linked to the wallet that resolves their address nxg4n.eth. No substantial information appears to link the account to Anonymous, which is to be expected but makes confirmation of their involvement with Anonymous difficult. However, one Anonymous account on Twitter has aligned itself with nxg4n, reporting that it has “tapped the legendary @nxg4n to mastermind a special project of ours.”

Nxg4n continues to tweet about conspiracy theories related to Yuga Labs, as shown below. However, at present, no new information has been released to suggest proof of the alleged racist ties to Nazi symbolism.

The “real” Anonymous?

Anonymous is a decentralized collective of hackers across the world with no publicly known central leadership. It is, therefore, always difficult to ascertain the legitimacy of claims from groups claiming to be “The” Anonymous. However, the page in question has been verified on Facebook and has over one million followers. The page has a pinned post promoting AnonToken, which is currently down 87% from its March 2022 all-time high, trading at $0.03. According to BSCscan, there are roughly 3,000 holders of the token with a market cap of $3.4 million.

There have been reports the project is not associated with the “real” Anonymous and is a scam token. Searches for the token on Twitter bring up only small crypto accounts attempting the pump the token.

Authors note: No entity has ever been able to confirm the identity of an Anonymous account legitimately. It feels responsible to point out the possibility that the account in question could be a fake. This could be said to be true of all Anonymous accounts, but given the size of the following and its history of posting Anonymous content, I feel it is worth reporting. Time will tell if Anonymous is truly targeting BAYC.

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