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Cardano has proven to be one of the most active and busiest digital assets in the crypto world in the past year. Therefore, many experts expect that Cardano will have a great future in 2022, and it has also been stated that ADA is one investment option worth examining and projects based on it.

The Cardano blockchain is used to build smart contracts and create decentralized applications and protocols. Additionally, the ability to send and receive funds instantly for minimal fees has many applications in business and finance analyzing making a move.

Cardalonia, a metaverse project built on Cardano, has revealed plans to kick off after the following staking snapshot, with $LONIA token holders being the first to be able to join in the land minting after the token presale has ended.

Cardano and Cardalonia

Cardalonia is one of the first metaverse projects on Cardano to build a non-custodial staking vault where you can stake and earn rewards without your tokens ever leaving your wallet.

With just three steps: create, explore, and trade, you can start your Cardalonia journey.

Using $LONIA tokens, users can create custom avatars, purchase lands, explore and personalize their Cardalonia experience, gather resources, and get rewarded in Cardalonia asset NFTs. Moreover, they can sell their in-game reward NFTs on the Cardalonia marketplace and get awarded in ADA; these are just a few benefits.

Getting in the $LONIA token presale

The Cardano metaverse token, $LONIA, is now available for investors who want to acquire it at a discount before the official listing on crypto exchanges. The pre-sale started on July 5, 2022, and will end in 45 days or after total purchases hit the hard cap.

$LONIA staking model works in a way like Cardano staking but with a higher APY (Annual Percentage Yield). So, $LONIA token holders will be able to utilize their token in multiple ways, like staking to earn rewards of over 20% APY without their tokens ever leaving their wallet.

Also, $LONIA holders will have the opportunity to be the first to join in the Cardalonia land NFT sale by having an active stake of 7000 $LONIA tokens.

More about the project

Cardalonia defines itself as a creator-centric metaverse and play-to-earn platform that offers complete interaction with NFTs and CNTs powered by the $LONIA utility token.

The Cardalonia Metaverse project has collaborated with multiple strategic partners like Readyplayerme. The scope was to enable $LONIA token holders with an active $LONIA token stake on the Cardalonia Vault and an Adahandle address to create and customize their avatars in readiness for deployment when the Metaverse game becomes available.

Cardalonia also announced another sale, the Terrania Land NFT sale, which will begin in September following the following staking snapshot, with $LONIA token holders being the first to be allowed to participate in the land minting after the token presale has concluded.

Stay updated

Keep up with Cardalonia by their socials; you can find them on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Also, keep track of the official Cardalonia website to access the updates quickly.

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