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First 3D Metaverse RPG Built for Mobile, D.O.119 by ProtoReality Games, Launching last Quarter of 2022


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While there still are not any hard and fast rules as to what the Metaverse entails — some insist that virtual reality and augmented reality are defining features, but more colloquial usage leans toward virtual worlds that can also be explored without VR — a Metaverse Standards Forum was recently established to oversee the evolving industry and guide its growth into an accessible form.

The gaming industry currently makes up the lion’s share of Metaverse development, with old Web2 standards such as Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox still attracting around 50 million daily active users all together. When it comes to the newer Web3 advancements in Metaverse gaming, most games so far still largely consist of simple multiplayer minigame experiences, many with the now-trending focus on play-to-earn content.

Yet there are surprisingly few Web3 Metaverse games with deep, immersive plots. Where are all the Metaverse RPGs? Metaverse virtual worlds lend themselves perfectly to the MMORPG genre. Well, this quarter will see the launch of a new 3D Metaverse RPG that promises to fill that niche in a big way — and on mobile, no less.

Coming Soon: D.O.119, The First Mobile 3D Metaverse RPG

Derivative Outstation 119 — or D.O.119 for short — is a free-to-play 3D RPG with Web3 Metaverse gameplay elements launching mobile devices this September. Developed by ProtoReality Games, D.O.119 is built on Solana, an eco-friendly blockchain network with virtually unnoticeable transaction fees.

D.O.119 is a science-fiction action RPG that takes place in a dystopian future setting over 100 years from now, many decades after the world’s governments collapse. It features an immersive plot with players embarking on a richly detailed saga to uncover their complex backstories while outmaneuvering opponents and surviving in a high-concept cityscape backdrop.

“We have true Hollywood-level script writers that have written for Netflix, and the art and music are done by some of the best creative talents in Southeast Asia,”

said ProtoReality Games CEO and co-founder Daniel Muller.

“D.O.119 is very much a gaming experience that players are going to completely immerse themselves in.”

Every decision in D.O.119 has the potential to change outcomes and impact future character development in a variety of ways. And there is no shortage of decisions to make, with numerous factions of hostile characters acting toward conflicting goals, and missions where allied players can team up to take on bigger threats. Conflict-wise, the game promises to be absolutely action-packed, with high-speed vehicle races and FPS combat galore. More strategic-minded players will also enjoy trading, plotting and traveling around a massive urban environment.

A New Web3 Game Experience Focused on Story

As in other modern Web3 games, it is possible for players to earn tradable tokens and NFTs. However, Muller stresses that the game is more along the lines of “Play and Earn”, rather than Play to Earn, squarely placing the game’s focus on the game experience rather than the end reward.

“We want our players to keep coming back because the product is great, and to recommend D.O.119 to their friends as a great gaming experience. But you don’t get that with P2E GameFi titles nowadays — everybody is just focused on making money,”

Muller said.

“D.O.119 is focused on immersive and fun gaming.”

The game also brings in a number of community-centered Metaverse elements. Multiplayer tournaments will encourage a strong sense of online competitiveness, and players can also get together to relax and socialize in various autonomous spaces arranged around the cityscape game world. The latter even features branded content, giving advertisers from a wide variety of industries a chance to interact with players without breaking narrative, in true cyberpunk Metaverse fashion.

Launching on Mobile Devices 

D.O.119 is coming out this quarter. The game will be available for download on the iOS and Android mobile app stores.

There is some gameplay footage on Youtube that readers can check out to get a feel for what the game will be like, but keep in mind that this was pre-alpha quality posted four months ago. For a better idea at what the final game will look like, stay tuned for announcements on ProtoReality Games’ Twitter, Telegram or Discord channels.

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