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Logan Paul threatens to sue Coffeezilla over CryptoZoo scam accusations


YouTuber Logan Paul responded to Coffeezilla, aka Stephen Findeisen, over accusations that he scammed CryptoZoo investors.

Paul said he was betrayed by people he trusted

Paul’s opening statement claimed Coffeezilla’s investigations into CryptoZoo were motivated by a desire to piggyback off his celebrity status. He added that, in chasing clout, Findeisen has opened himself up to “very real repercussions.”

“Like many on this platform, you have successfully used my name for views and money. While your work used to be impartial, your addiction to clicks has clouded your judgment and you’ve made very real errors with very real repercussions.”

Paul then attacked Findeisen’s credibility by saying his content has become little more than gossip ungrounded in facts.

Backing up these claims, Paul highlighted “core discrepancies” in Findeisen’s investigations, including failure to cover the criminal past of the dev named Zach Kelling, who “stole the game code,” fled to Switzerland, and demanded $1,000,000 to return the code.

Paul blamed Kelling’s hiring on Lead Dev Eddie Ibanez, who he trusted to vet all personnel working on the project appropriately. But he later discovered Ibanez was a “professional conman” who had fooled “billionaires, the Morman Church, the owner of the New York Yankees, and now me.”

Continuing, Paul disputed claims that CryptoZoo had little functionality and development, particularly the process of hatching NFT eggs.

The social media personality cast further doubts around Findeisen’s practices by saying recorded conversations with his manager, Jeff Levin, were made without his permission and then posted online.

“Although you didn’t verify any backgrounds, substantiate any evidence, took multiple criminals’ words as truth, and broke the laws, you still published the defamation.”

However, credit was given to Findeisen for his coverage of Crypto King Jake (CKJ,) who Paul admitted stole $6 million from the project. But CKJ was removed as soon as his ill intent was discovered. Likewise, Ibanez was also removed, having stolen $1.7 million.

Further, Findeisen’s blockchain analysis showed Paul and Levin did not cash out, which Paul confirmed in the response video.

“I repeat, Jeff and I made no money and will never make any money on CryptoZoo. In fact, we only lost money trying to pick up the pieces.”

Paul said that his legal team had advised him to say no more on CKJ and Ibanez, as both are subject to criminal investigations.

Logan Paul threatens to sue Coffeezilla

Contradicting accusations that CryptoZoo was a cash grab with no intent to deliver a final product, Paul said the project is being worked on, but no timeline was given for a final rollout.

Paul summed up by saying, “everything [was] stolen from me and our community,” he ceased project promotion to gauge the extent of the problem and “took all of the heat on social.” Yet Findeisen still published defamatory content to enrich himself.

A failure to reach out in a timely manner and discuss the issues directly warrants legal action, said Paul.

Responding, Findeisen said Paul did not apologize to victims and take accountability for what happened. He added that a fuller response would happen once he has had time to think things through.

Findeisen later disputed Paul’s claim of failing to reach out promptly, saying is “he really reaching on this one.”

The comments on Paul’s response video were generally unfavorable to his cause.

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