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NFT Festivals | 5 Top Crypto Projects Making Huge Noise in 2022


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In 2017, Devcon three was the only festival event that was releasing NFT tickets to gain access to an event. Since then, the entire festival NFT economy has boomed, with many events starting to release their tickets as NFTs.

The technology provided by NFTs helps streamline the entire process of organizing the festivals and ensuring tickets are genuine. At the same time, the technology also helps to cut out middlemen that have been preying on festival lovers for years.

Top brand festivals such as Coachella have even released NFT tickets recently. As a result, it is no surprise to see that some crypto projects are starting to make a huge noise by delivering tickets for NFT festivals.

Here are the 5 best crypto projects making huge noise in 2022 with NFT festivals.

The Best NFT Festivals Making Huge Noise in 2022

  1. Cocky – An exclusive NFT lifestyle club providing holders with world-class music events
  2. The List – An NFT collection that provides access to clubs and festivals
  3. Afterparty – A members-only club for Art & music festivals
  4. Circus Maximus – A DAO-based electronic festival in Croatia
  5. W3BStock – A Web3 music festival created by a DAO events production company

A Closer Look at the 5 Best NFT Festivals Making Huge Noise in 2022

Cocky – An exclusive NFT lifestyle club providing holders with world-class music events

Cocky is an exclusive NFT lifestyle club that provides holders access to world-class music events. Created by the Parasol Group, Cocky has the mission to totally change the definition of utility in the NFT space by providing real-world, once-in-a-lifetime experiences to NFT holders in prestigious locations.

The team intends to host two in-person events yearly alongside regular virtual events in the form of live streams. All of their events will focus on electronic music in unconventional locations, providing music lovers with an immersive, second-to-none experience that money can’t buy – but ownership of the NFT can.

The NFT collection consists of 10,000 Cocky Can NFTs with 51 skin variations depicting a soda can. Each of the Cocky Cans has a tier-based system depending on the color of the lid – Silver, Gold, or Black, and the different tiers unlock a range of benefits that include:

  • Subsidized transport to and from each event
  • Accommodation at the event
  • Additional invites to bring along guests
  • Bar tabs to enjoy and share with friends.
  • Exclusive merchandise

The rarest NFT is the Black Can NFT, which has only one version being minted. The owner of this NFT will receive VIP benefits at all Cocky events for perpetuity.

The team has created a unique feature for their NFTs dubbed Mutations. NFT holders earn Mutations on their NFTs each time they attend events held by Cocky or participate in the overall ecosystem. The Mutations are presented in the form of a stamp, similar to what you would receive in your passport when traveling internationally, which is displayed on the background of your NFT.

The Mutation feature allows holders to write their own stories on their NFTs about their experiences in the Cocky ecosystem. Over time, this feature will make every NFT unique, and the NFTs with the most Mutations will also become highly desirable.

The NFTs are expected to be minted on the Ethereum network sometime in Q4 2022.

All the Cocky music events will be held in prestigious locations that pay particular attention to the landscape, history, and culture each location plays home to. The sites will be truly breathtaking, and you won’t be standing in a farmer’s field to enjoy your favorite music.

As the events are held in unconventional locations, the ticket volume will be limited depending on the capacity of the venue. Therefore, Cocky holders will need to be quick to register their interest in attending the event.

If a Cocky Can holder receives a ticket and cannot attend, they will have the option to sell their ticket on the custom-built secondary market. In addition, only Cocky NFT holders can purchase tickets on the secondary market, adding further utility to holders.

Cocky has the vision to build its community by throwing bigger and better events as time goes on. They have a goal to grow the popularity of their events and eventually will become one of the biggest electronic music events organizers on the planet. Once the ecosystem is fully established, tickets will eventually be open for purchase by the general public. However, the exclusive VVVIP benefits will remain reserved for NFT holders only.

Overall, Cocky has created a unique lifestyle club that ensures all NFT holders receive utility from their investments. In addition, their world-class music events are undoubtedly events that should not be missed if you are a fan of EDM.


The List – An NFT collection that provides access to clubs and festivals

The List is an NFT collection that grants holders access to the biggest clubs and festivals across the globe. The project was created by Clubbing TV, a TV channel dedicated to dance music, in the hopes of totally revolutionizing the club and festival scene.

The NFT collection consists of 7,777 unique wristbands that provide the opportunity to win lifetime access to some of their partnered clubs and festivals, including:

  • Amnesia Ibiza
  • World Club Dome
  • Supersonic
  • We Are Fstvl
  • Rampage Open Air
  • Caprices Festival
  • Barcelona Beach Festival
  • Green Valley

Each NFT comes with a unique tagline from the dance music industry, and they all have different colors, backgrounds, and categories. Of the 7,777 NFTs, 150 will provide lifetime access to their partnered clubs and festivals.

In addition to their partners, The List will also hold two electronic music festivals exclusive to NFT holders. One of the festivals takes place in London in November 2022, and the other is for Croatia in August 2023.

Furthermore, the following additional benefits are provided to all NFT holders:

  • 3 months free trial of the streaming platform
  • NFT insights and reports for trading courses and tips
  • Weekly giveaways, such as signed artist merch, LP-Box sets, and exclusive access to new releases
  • Creating a podcast and TV show with the NFT holder’s input

Lastly, it’s important to mention that The List will also create the biggest party metaverse and allow all NFT holders to be whitelisted to purchase land sales in the metaverse.

Afterparty – A members-only club for Art & music festivals

Afterparty is a creator community platform that provides artists the tools to deliver world-class experiences to their fans. It is a membership-based community that provides access to fantastic music experiences and events worldwide.

Afterparty hosted the NFT Art and Music Festival in Las Vegas this year in March 2022. No tickets to the festival were available; only the 1,500 Afterparty Utopians were allowed in. Afterparty described this festival as the world’s first NFT-gated festival, and it was a revolution in the industry. 

Potential festival goers must purchase one of the Afterparty Utopian NFTs to access any festivals or events. These NFTs have different character types that offer various skin colors, suits, masks, and glasses. 

All members received the following benefits during the festival:

  • Artist-level access to the Afterparty NFT Art & Music Festival for the next five years
  • Access to the Utopian Only area at the festival
  • One free Afterparty Guardian NFT airdrop
  • Two free Afterparty Passes airdropped
  • Priority guest list for all upcoming Afterparty and creator NFT drops
  • Access to selected events at the Afterparty house in Los Angeles

The company will continue to host festivals and events in partnership with artists, their latest being a music concert for the American musician Lauv.

The Afterparty CEO, David Fields, used to work at Disney and Michael Eisner’s Torrente Company and brings a great wealth of experience to the project. The exclusive club is attracting high-profile investors such as Paris Hilton and has raised over $7 million in capital funding so far. 

One of the company’s primary missions is to remove speculators and ticket scalpers’ incentive to trade tickets on the secondary markets without compensating the event creators. Using NFTs and the blockchain, all tickets that are sold on the secondary market incur a fee that goes directly to the event organizer or the artist.

Circus Maximus – A DAO-based electronic festival in Croatia

Circus Maximus is the first-ever DAO electronic dance music festival based in Croatia. The company has been hosting regular annual festivals but shifted into the NFT and blockchain space in 2022 to create the first-ever community-driven festival governed by NFT holders.

The platform hosted a music festival this year in August 2022 at the world-renowned Noa Beach Club, with headliners from Steve Aoki, Da Tweekaz, Regard, and Harris & Ford.

The team behind Circus Maximus has the mission to transform the festival sector by allowing participants to be a part of the story.

The idea is to create a DAO that controls the entire budget for the festival. Then, community members can govern the festival by casting their voting rights on the community dashboard.

The DAO will have the ability to make decisions such as:

  • The venue location
  • The performers at the festival
  • Budget distribution
  • The ticket prices for the festival

The project’s founders, Ivan and Nikola Jokić, have stated that they will continue beyond a DAO and create a global protocol for organizing future music festivals.

To gain access to the DAO, party-goers had to purchase a ticket in the form of an NFT. The tickets were issued on the xDai blockchain using the ERC-1155 standard, and the team created a dynamic pricing feature by utilizing the Bezier bonding curve.

The entire end goal for the project is to provide the tools for anybody in the world to create their own music festival with their own rules, venues, and DJs. Again, by issuing tickets in the form of NFTs, Circus Maximus can cut out ticketing agents, scalpers, and intermediaries and prevent them from profiting from ticket touting.

W3bstock – A Web3 music festival created by a DAO events production company


W3bstock is a Web3 music festival DAO and hybrid event production DAO. The entire idea is that the community members of the DAO will be able to vote on the future direction of all events held by W3bstock.

The project was founded by Brian Stollery, Ty and Dylan Fleischut, and Darian Mongiovi to bridge the gap between festival goers and organizers. They believe the people who attend the festival should have a say in the event schedule.

Users must purchase one of the 500 DAO Membership Pass Tokens to join the DAO, which can be minted on their website. Each NFT provides owners with two-lifetime tickets to all W3bstock events and voting rights on future events. Essentially, all the NFT holders have a share in the music festival production company, and the members, such as: will decide every aspect of the festival

  • The musicians
  • The art installations
  • Food Trucks
  • Venue location
  • Event Schedule

The NFTs can be minted for 0.06 ETH and are minted on either Ethereum or Polygon networks.

The entire DAO is currently planning a huge festival for Summer 2024, and the community will choose the location.


NFT festivals are going to continue to grow over the coming years.

In our opinion, Cocky has the best potential to establish a thriving ecosystem over the coming months as they host exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime electronic music events in unconventional locations. Moreover, their lifestyle club is genuinely one of the only projects in the space that can manage to provide real-world utility for its holders.


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