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Why this digital artist chose to build on Cosmos and what she expects from web3


CryptoSlate chatted with María from Women From Cosmos, a female artist-led collection of hand-drawn NFTs. In the chat, María told us:

Tell us about your background. When and why did you become a digital artist/illustrator?

I started my career as a digital illustrator professionally a few years ago. I have been drawing since I can remember. Indeed, I was a really creative child and I was always creating – from making clothes for my dolls, or notebooks & supplies, to thousands of drawings; but I never studied art or anything related to it. In fact, until I decided to change my path, I was working as a Project Manager in the event industry with clients like Samsung, Esteé Lauder, etc.

I collaborated and worked with people who knew I drew before, but it wasn’t until Covid arrived and really hit my industry that I decided to follow my passion: to create. I started working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer as my main career and at the end of 2021, I entered the NFT world.

How would you describe your work and what art and/or artists helped inspire your work?

I would describe my work as soft and dreamy, in which I represent empowered and strong women as my main characters.

I think I’d describe my style as cartoonish, probably influenced by all the anime I used to watch and draw when I was a child.

Women and the beauty of nature have always inspired me. And, of course, by my own experiences in life. I tried to create pieces that can make people embrace themselves.

I love Michelangelo; he’s my favorite artist; but I can’t deny that in terms of my NFTs, the ones that have inspired me every day have been my own feelings and memories, my love for nature, and my fellow NFTs artists.

I feel so inspired every time I enter Twitter and see my timeline full of wonderful pieces by people around the world. It’s crazy how much talent there is! To mention a few artists: Habiba Green, Tito Merello, Chris Alliel, Tiffatronn, among so many others.

How did you become interested in web3 and NFTs?

It’s been thanks to my partner, who works as an investor and cryptocurrency advisor and trader, that I discovered NFTs. In the beginning, I entered into the NFTs world as a collector/investor; but after a few months when I realized a lot of 1/1 artists were participating in this amazing path, I decided to jump in with my own work.

In what ways do you think web3 and NFTs can benefit humanity, and more specifically, artists and creators?

A part of its main advantage of giving us the opportunity to actually own a piece and demonstrate its authenticity of it, in terms of who has created and so on; I think that NFTs give us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We can really experiment and create without limits. This time, we’re the owners of our work, we don’t need to follow briefings or clients’ demands; we can be truly free and that’s amazing.

On the other side, NFTs are helping artists and creators to really be able to make a living from their art. Without middlemen or agencies, a lot of artists have found a way to bring proper money home. Moreover, NFTs are a huge open window in terms of career and opportunities. I’ve been collaborating with artists and projects I admire, along with having pieces showcased in art shows I would have never dreamt about before I entered this “world”. 

Why did you choose to build on the Stargaze network on Cosmos?

I’ve been a Cosmonaut for quite a while when I heard about Stargaze, so it was the clear “next step” to follow.

I applied as Genesis Creator, and when I was chosen by the community, Women From Cosmos became a reality.

I can’t be happier with the decision. The Cosmos community has helped me a lot and given me an incredible welcome that I would never have expected when I started.

In your web3 journey, please tell us about the journey of building a community and connecting with like-minded individuals in the industry?

I’m glad to say it’s been really organic since the beginning, both from my personal account and Women From Cosmos. I’m the only one behind both accounts, and I always follow and interact with people in a natural way. Following new artists and projects I like, engaging in conversations and Twitter Spaces, sharing my work and supporting other artists have been my “way to go” on Twitter and I think it’s how it has to be.

Sometimes I collaborate with other projects on giveaways and so on, but you cannot build your community based on that – those followers will disappear at a certain point. You need to find people who really love what you do and share your same values.

Fast forward five years from now, what will the adoption of NFTs look like? How integrated into our daily lives will NFTs be?

I think NFTs will be integrated in all kinds of business, from any brand’s project to videogames. Having an NFT that represents the access key to some exclusive services will be normalized and shared by a lot of well-known brands and companies.

Moreover, I think it will be a more improved version of how artists (both small and big ones) can make a career with them, an extended way of democratization of art. We’re starting to live that, but we’re in a really early stage.

What can you tell us about your future plans in NFTs and web3?

Following the Women From Cosmos roadmap, I’ll continue with our project’s main goal: Supporting other female projects, giving all kinds of benefits to our holders, and continuing working on expanding our “universe” to other ecosystems and chains.

Women From Cosmos was the beginning of a long path in which I want to continue building and growing the community to make this project a referent of 1/1 art in the Cosmos Ecosystem, as well as being able to develop side-projects in which education and helping people to start their web3 journey will be one of the goals.

On the other hand, I want to create a podcast and run streaming videos in which we can have a friendly conversation about the news of the sector, interesting tricks to know and personal experiences from other artists and projects.

I’d love to continue collaborating with other projects to contribute to the growth of our Cosmos Ecosystem, attending international events and, in general, empowering and inspiring other women to follow their dreams.  

What is the best way for those interested to learn more about you and Women of Cosmos?

As simple as DM me both personal or WFC Twitter account! I’m always happy to meet new people around the NFTs and crypto world.

But definitely, join Women From Cosmos Discord (where you’ll find all the information and daily news related to the project) or visit our website.

Connect with María ~ mamoresxiv

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