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Following the acquisition of Gem and Genie, NFTGo.io, a prominent NFT data aggregator, rises to the top


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The 4th NFT NYC was held in New York, USA, from June 20 – 23, 2022. As one of the largest NFT event, NFT projects and community members from all over the world gathered in New York to talk freely about the future of NFTs.

During the event, NFTGo.io, the NFT data analytics and trading aggregator platform made a stunning debut at the event and announced the upcoming launch of a trading aggregator.

On June 21, Uniswap Labs announced the acquisition of an NFT aggregation trading platform Genie two months after Opensea’s acquisition of Gem, another NFT trading aggregator project. The acquisitions of the two projects focused on NFT aggregation trading have triggered community discussions on NFT’s future development and attracted attention to the NFT data analysis and aggregation trading segment. Given this context, NFTGo.io is breaking out as the only independent NFT data analytics and trading aggregator platform in the market.

NFTGo.io: The world-leading NFT data analytics and trading aggregator platform

NFTGo.io is an NFT data analytics and trading aggregator platform that provides users with a variety of powerful analytics tools and utilities, thus helping users to simplify the way to interact with NFTs, enable timely discovery of NFT investment opportunities, and get high returns from their NFT investments. Specific features include: NFT market data analytics, whale tracking, rarity estimation, NFT drops calendar, watchlist, and many others.

NFTGo.io aims to be the gateway to the NFT ecosystem, enabling Web3 data to reach a wider audience. With a high-performance NFT data engine, NFTGo.io provides real-time on-chain data analytics and professional market insights to create a smooth experience for users in exploring the NFT ecosystem.

Now, NFTGo.io supports both ERC 721 and ERC 1155 NFTs, integrates with industry mainstream NFT marketplaces, tracks 1,463 whale wallets and 2.47 million NFT holders, and indexes nearly 3,000 collections. With the continued rapid growth of the number of users, NFTGo.io has become one of the most popular NFT data analytics and trading aggregator platforms in the industry.

Trading Aggregator: Cheaper, Faster, and Safer

In the past, users had to buy their favorite NFTs one by one due to their non-fungibility of NFTs. If there were a surge in transaction volume on the blockchain, they would possibly not get the NFT even with the gas fee spent.

With the continuous emergence of new NFT trading platforms and a dramatic increase in the number of NFT projects and user scale, how to find and buy cheaper NFT simply and quickly without being overwhelmed by market information has become the demand of most NFT investors. Therefore, the NFT trading aggregator has gradually become a “necessary infrastructure”.

NFTGo.io Trading Aggregator, to be launched soon, is designed to address the increasing market demand to streamline the NFT trading experience by providing a one-stop NFT service from analytics to purchase.

Highlights of the Trading Aggregator function include:

  • Bulk purchase NFTs to save gas fees: A user can select multiple ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs from different marketplaces and add them to the cart. Then the cart page will show how much gas the user can save, and the user can bulk purchase multiple items in the cart by connecting the wallet to make the payment.
  • Find the lowest price of NFTs with one click: When a user is buying ERC721 NFTs, NFTGo.io will automatically detect the prices of the NFTs in the user’s cart and compare them with other listings prices to see if there are any lower prices across the marketplaces. If an NFT with a lower price is detected, NFTGo.io will notify, and the user can replace it with one click to purchase the desired NFT at the lowest price.
  • Automatically detect suspicious items: NFTGo.io supports automatic detection of any suspicious NFTs in the user’s cart.

NFTGo.io will alert the user of the risk, and the user can decide on whether to purchase or remove them from the cart.

  • Turn on safe mode to prevent malicious attacks: NFGo.io has integrated Flashbots. With safe mode turned on, it protects users from malicious attacks when making the bulk purchase or avoids situations where a bulk purchase fails and wastes Gas fees due to transaction failure of any NFT.

NFTGo.io has long been favored by users for its outstanding NFT market data analysis capabilities. With the additional trading aggregator feature, NFTGo.io is expanding its vertical into NFT trading on top of data analytics.

By providing users with smooth, convenient, secure, and one-stop NFT trading services, the platform empowers users to capture investment opportunities in the market and buy NFTs of their choice in bulk at lower prices in a secure environment.

Click on the following link to watch a demo video of NFTGo.io’s upcoming Trading Aggregator function.


If 2021 is the first year of the new NFT era, which welcomed a significant number of newcomers getting to know about NFT, then 2022 will be the year when the competition in the NFT market is in full swing. In a situation with both challenges and opportunities, the professional data analytics tools plus the upcoming trading aggregator function provided by NFTGo.io can undoubtedly help users get ahead of profitable trends in the NFT market, thus getting higher returns from NFT investments.

In addition, with Gem and Genie being acquired one after another, it is also worth looking forward to what kind of breakthroughs NFTGo.io will make as the only independent NFT data analytics and trading aggregator platform in the market.

In the future, the NFTGo.io team will keep optimizing its products by listening to the feedback from the community and continue to bring more brilliant features and services to serve the NFT ecosystem. Follow NFTGo.io’s social media to learn more about the new features.

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