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Top NFT Games to Play and Earn 2022


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If video gaming was a passive diversion in the past, blockchain technology has proven that it can be a viable source of income too. Gaming empowers people to attain financial freedom, thanks to the rapid growth of play-to-earn platforms.

Play-to-earn games are video games that incentivize engagement through rewards. While they have been around for a long time, blockchain technology is a game-changer for the industry. Here, you are rewarded in crypto tokens and non-fungible tokens with real-world value in exchange for your time and gaming skills.

In fact, P2E platforms like Axie Infinity and Decentraland have been major drivers of NFT growth. Their success has kindled a gaming revolution that is steadily picking up steam.

Top NFT Games to Play and Earn 2022

Emerging play-to-earn games put forth new themes, gaming mechanics, and incentivization schemes. We have compiled a list of the top NFT games to play this year based on their earning potential.

  1. Silks — Best Play to Earn Game of 2022
  2. Guild of Guardians —  Gripping Role-playing P2E Game
  3. RaceFi — Car Racing Game with PvP and PvE Modes
  4. Phantom Galaxies —   Sci-Fi Mecha Shared World
  5. Pirate X Pirate — Turn-based Dice Combat on the High Seas
  6.  My Neighbor Alice — Feel-good Farm and Builder Game
  7. Alien Worlds — Dystopian Spacecrafts Mission

A Closer Look at the Top NFT Games to Play and Earn 2022

Here is a detailed look at the best play to earn crypto games that allow you to generate lucrative income while having fun.

1. Silks — Best Play to Earn Game of 2022

Silks is a unique derivative gaming platform where users can play and generate rewards, tapping into the excitement of thoroughbred horse racing. The rich metaverse brings the equestrian performance sport to Web 3.0 with an innovative mixed-reality structure and gamified economy.


In the Silks metaverse, you can own, trade, and interact with a variety of in-game NFTs that correspond to the real-world thoroughbred horse racing industry. The most noteworthy of these are Silks Horses, which are derivative NFTs that track the lineage, training progress, and racing results of real-world racehorses and earn rewards for holders based on their performance.

Just as thoroughbred racehorses needs housing and maintenance in the real world, so too will Silks Horses in the metaverse. This is where other in-game assets like Silks Avatars, Land, and Stables come into play.

While the Silks metaverse offers an unparalleled gaming experience, it ranks first on our list of top P2E games for the exciting earning opportunities it unlocks. You can utilize your gaming skills and knowledge of the thoroughbred horse racing industry to generate consistent income from the platform. You can also earn rewards every time the real-life counterpart of your Silks Horse wins a race or breeds offspring.

Additionally, you can contribute to the growth and future direction of the Silks ecosystem. Since the platform extracts information from real events, you are incentivized in $SLK tokens for the accurate verification of blockchain data. According to the Silks whitepaper, more revenue opportunities will be integrated into the platform as it evolves.

The launch of the first Silks NFT offering will be its Silks Avatars, which will represent each player’s unique identity and their affiliated in-game assets within the Silks ecosystem. The Silks Genesis Avatar Collections is scheduled to go live on April 27th, 2022. For early access to the Silks Genesis Avatar Mint, visit the Silks websiteSilks websiteSilks website. The first drop of Silks Horses will follow shortly thereafter in mid-2022 in the inaugural Silks Horse Mint.

2. Guild of Guardians —  Gripping Role-playing P2E Game

Guild of Guardians opens up a magical world of dungeons, orcs, and elves with exciting play-to-earn opportunities. You can employ your gaming skills on the platform to loot and accumulate in-game assets like Heroes and Pets, which can then be sold on NFT marketplaces at competent prices.

The platform is free to play, which adds to its appeal. It should also explain the long waiting list of 200,000+ players for the game. Whereas most P2E platforms have high barriers to entry, Guild of Guardians unlocks the experience for all.

StepicGames, known for Nile Valley and BigFoot, introduces Guild of Guardians to Web 3.0. On the blockchain front, It uses Immutable X as a means to bring down the transaction costs and delays.

3. RaceFi — Taste speed in Web 3.0

If you are a car racing enthusiast, RaceFi is for you. As the first AI/ML integrated car racing game on the Solana ecosystem, the results on RaceFi are analyzed by AI with the help of a weighted random algorithm.

The play-to-earn game comes in two flavors – PvP and PvE – to cater to a wide range of gamers. While the PvE mode allows you to be in charge of the car, PvP mode has added flexibility for strategizing.

The rewards generated depend on your gaming performance and involvement in the RaceFi metaverse. However, players with higher XP and upgrades have a higher chance of winning. Rewards are paid in $RACEFI, the native currency of the ecosystem. The reward pool is split between the winners in a predetermined ratio.

4. Phantom Galaxies —  Sci-Fi Mecha Shared World

Phantom Galaxies is a mecha starfighter battle on the blockchain. The open-world sim takes the 3D action role-playing gaming experience a notch up with blockchain-powered governance, verifiable ownership, and self custody of in-game assets.

One of the best play to earn games, Phantom Galaxies is rich in diverse income opportunities, which require you to go on a hunt for valuable resources and weapons. You can buy Phantom Galaxy mechs, equipment, and avatars as NFTs. A key highlight of Phantom Galaxies is its gripping story, which unfolds over time through gameplay, books, comics, anime, and NFT collectible merchandise.

The transmedia storytelling will see Phantom Galaxies collaborate with prominent media channels in the coming days, building more exposure along the way. It will also cater to the platform’s mission to bring together millions of players in one metaverse.

5. Pirate X Pirate – Turn-based Dice Combat on the High Seas

Pirate X Pirate is a top P2E game with a thrilling story set against a pirate theme. You can explore the high seas and accrue rewards by recruiting a crew to form your fleet, accumulating resources, and flaunting your fighting skills against both fellow pirates and enemy monsters.

Pirate X Pirate is from Siam Board Games. Not surprisingly, a turn-based, dice-rolling system decides your moves on the platform. If you can’t afford the NFTs, you can sign up for the Pirate X Pirate gaming guild and rent in-game assets from NFT owners. It opens up the game to more players, making Pirate X Pirate one of the best P2E games.

6. My Neighbour Alice — A Feel-good Farm and Builder Game

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game that runs on blockchain. It takes inspiration from popular games like Animal Crossing, with an interesting play-to-earn narrative. Here, anyone can own virtual islands, which are divided into a scarce supply of plots. Of course, they are made available as NFTs.

In addition to land, there are NFTs like houses, animals, veggies, decorations, or cosmetic items for the player’s avatar. The play-to-earn game project empowers players to work on a shared goal and accrue rewards, combining fun and utility. It hosts community events from time to time with exciting activities and competitions. It also has a reputation system that rewards players who earn goodwill for their contribution to the ecosystem.

7. Alien Worlds — Spacecrafts Missions Across the Metaverse

Alien Worlds is set in a gripping dystopian theme where people are desperately looking for an alternative planet to escape the pandemic-ridden earth. The play to earn blockchain game requires you to select NFT game cards on BSC and WAX to develop your mission strategy.

The land parcels on Alien Worlds are sold as NFTs.  You can either start mining the land yourself or put someone else in charge to earn rewards and commission. Trilium serves as the cross-chain fungible token of the platform. You can earn them from the mining game or stake them to win voting rights on Planet DAO.


Factoring in the earning opportunities, gaming dynamics, and potential for growth, our top pick as the best play to earn blockchain game of this year is Silks. It introduces the thrill of thoroughbred horse racing to the metaverse through a derivative gaming platform, unlike anything seen before.

The confidence in the project is further reinforced by a robust roadmap that lays the groundwork for a new era of gaming. Silks demonstrates how play-to-earn NFTs can effectively build the metaverse.

For the latest updates from Silks, join the community on Twitter and Discord.


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